Fila: Reviving, Restoring & Repositioning An International Brand Of Promise.

Repositioning international sportswear company FILA back in the game

A company that needs no introduction, Fila is still an internationally recognized brand that has it’s origins dating back to 1909. However, since their acquisition just over a decade ago, Fila has found their market penetration has considerably and consistently declined. With new market entrants along the likes of Under Armor and the colossal brand strength behind giants such as Nike and Adidas, an outdated brand identity and flailing brand strategy revealed the deep need for a new face for the once renowned sportswear company, combined with a story worth telling.



We strategically dissected the root of the visual communication problem with the identification of a lack of drive and passion, counteracting this lack with a brand story that could connect with the hearts of millions of sports fans across the world.



Every brand needs a driving story. A story that speaks potential and isn’t satisfied with what is, but is instead driven by what could be. Fila has a extensive history in the sports world, however with the unfortunate predicament of having over invested in endorsements and changes in leadership, it’s no secret they have been disregarded as a potential market-leading competitor. We decided to use this weakness as a strength and position Fila as the underdog that can and will exceed all expectations with a simple idea turned brand story:

“I’ve been high. I’ve been low. I know what it’s like to win. I know what it’s like to lose. But I’m still standing. Because I know one thing. That changes everything. The future belongs to those who believe.”

“People love an underdog. They come right out of left field when everyone else has written them off. Yet somehow, they look at their place in life, draw a line in the sand between the present and the future, and defy the odds stacked against them. Fila is that underdog.”


Typography & Structure

We chose a strong and bold typeface, aligning with the brave and courageous brand keywords that will shape the future steps of Fila. The soft rounded edges of the old visual identity were replaced with an undeniably present and impactful approach, reemerging with potential of being a market-leading brand.



We built the Fila brand Campaign around the foundational idea that “The Future Belongs To Those Who Believe”, a statement that erases the restraints of what has been and invites prospects into what could be – a world of possibility that isn’t defined by the past.

“Bravery. Courage. Persistence. Three key attributes that set the foundational basis for Fila’s brand tone and structure.”


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