Indonesia Aid: Rebranding A Pioneering Organization That’s Leading The Way In Nationwide Community Development.

Discovering What It Looks Like For A Brand Identity To Effectively Represent An Organization

Indonesia Aid is making waves despite its only recent inception. With a vision to effectively empower the various communities it engages with, Indonesia Aid is already attracting international attention from some of the biggest names in their respective industries. Since their establishment, Indonesia Aid discovered that the way in which they were being perceived by their stakeholders was not mapping to their true operations and vision to become a catalyst for sustainable change. The perception that the community had of them seemed to communicate more of emergency aid rather than long lasting impact.



We began the rebranding process with Brand Discovery to unveil the key attributes and characteristics that lay within Indonesia Aid’s foundational core values. This was done in order to establish a stronger, more accurate point of reference that would become essential as to how we would conceptually build the new brand identity.



The doors kept opening for Indonesia Aid to bring a wealth of leadership knowledge and experience within their spheres of influence, so they were becoming increasingly aware that this pressing need of a brand identity that could take them where they needed to go was the key to their success and strategically venture onwards into the opportunities that lay before them. It needed to be impossible for any stakeholder to mistake the intentions that Indonesia Aid unrelentingly pursued moving forward as a national organization with international influence. A series of interviews and interactions made it consistently clear that the organization’s new brand identity needed the capacity to carry global weight and credibility, whilst simultaneously connecting to the heart of community development and strength that is built in each interaction, person by person, day by day.

“From the very first meeting, the probing questions were the primary indicator that Receiliart were going to solve our problem. Our current logo didn’t communicate the new vision and mission of the organization fully. They cared deeply about the work, our brand, our organization and us personally.”

“We were a fairly new organization with little or no brand identity and we were struggling to find an identity. Receiliart took us through the process step by step on how they would collect information on our organization to create our logo. We had very high expectations and they far exceeded those expectations.”


Typography & Structure

The Indonesian language is well known for it’s intonations, especially within the variations that exist across the different islands. We chose a robust typeface for the brand identity that matched the intonations and creative nature of the people, as much of the country is still alive with artisans and creative expressions of many kinds. At the same time, the typeface we chose allowed for us to maintain the capacity for global recognition. The result was a true representation of the humanity and vision behind the operations.

“They’re obviously experts in their field of study and it shows in their work and professionalism. They were always prepared for each meeting and always willing to invest as much time as necessary to understand our business. In doing so, Receiliart was able to fully capture the essence of what we want in our organization.

Additional Assets

As the work unfolded, we came to a crossroads where we could either minimize the available expression of the new identity or expand it to fully encapsulate what we learned to be the practical applications of Indonesia Aid’s operations as an organization. The organization’s four pillars for pioneering change are centred upon improving water supply and quality, the prevention of human trafficking and trade, emergency response and disaster relief, as well as empowering the next generation through educational-type resources and development. We choose to use the foundational elements of the new brand identity to further expand its representation across these pillars for even greater impact.

“We had hoped for a quality brand identity but you gave us so much more. You captured the heart of the mission, embodied all our words and created timeless art that is multi-faceted and multi-functional. You captured the broad stroke and also managed to encapsulate the break-down of the actual work within the mission of the organization. We could not be more pleased or grateful.”
“Visual representation matters ALOT. There is both a time and financial investment involved. This process is absolutely necessary as part of your personal understanding and organizational communication of who you are and why you do what you do. We knew Receiliart were going to blow our minds with what they would be unveiling.


“We now have a memorable brand identity with a true message about who we are and what we do. Receiliart are dedicated professionals who will invest the necessary time and energy to create a brand identity that you will be proud of.”

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