Skala: Disrupting The Face Of Tech Services With A Friendly and Vibrant Design Approach.

What if we could turn the tables of perception within an industry?

Skala is a tech services startup that specializes in website development for tech and hospitality startups, small businesses and freelancers. Their services also branch out to White Hat SEO  (on-page and off-page), as well as WordPress customization. The founder wanted to create a visual identity that communicated the friendly, client orientated, expert approach that Skala would be built on, that focuses on being dedicated to finding solutions specific to each client. The goal defined through the Roadmapping & Brand Discovery was to create a fun and friendly brand, while communicating the professionality and attention to detail required to connect with customers.



Focusing primarily on Roadmapping and Brand Discovery, we were able to establish the foundations of Skala’s unique brand positioning, confirm it’s values, mission and value proposition within it’s market to build a brand identity and website distinctly positioned for a differentiated approach.



SEO & Development focused tech companies often approach visual communication and branding from a somewhat serious and distant angle due to the nature of their industry. The founder of Skala drew quite an contrasting dynamic with his highly interactive approach, coupled with a friendly and personable services outlook. Our goal was to address the aspects that needed to flip that tech stereotype upside-down and portray a bright, vibrant and personable visual identity, without compromising the trustability component that was crucial for our client in exceeding prospective client’s expectations and perceptions upon the first point of contact.

Typography & Structure

We chose a rounded typeface for the visual identity, to stay inline with friendly and approachable appearance and tone Skala would be built through. The basis of the brand mark was inspired by the Next Computers logo, a cubic shape which became famously attributable to the computer and technology industries since it’s inception by designer Paul Rand. We chose to present the tagline in a bolder fashion to ensure the brand would immediately be associated as a friendly and approachable company with the use of the tagline “Making Tech Friendly”, to counteract the intellectual intimidation often perceived of tech companies by new customers.


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