Cadence Physio: Shaping Physiotherapy Services With A Proactive Treatment Model & Contemporary Design.


Cadence Physio is the head of the Cadence brand family, which includes new brand Cadence Pilates. Founded by Lead Physiotherapist, Jon Joyce, Cadence Physio has a mission in improving every aspect of their clients lives, not just treating pain or injury. With over 35 years of industry experience combined, the brand carries a strong sense of core values and drive in positioning themselves as a premium consultancy within the physiotherapy industry.

The challenge in redesigning the established web design entailed creating an environment where clients felt celebrated rather than intimidated, as well as truly activating the brand in the visual communication elements of the new web design.



Roadmapping, Brand Discovery and UX Design strategy were all included as a foundational aspect the consultation process in the new web design for Cadence Physio.


Most people know they need change, especially when it comes to injury. Our consultation process revealed, however, that many people choose not to change due to the misalignment of the perceived value of the results of the change, or their perception of their own self-worth. This is where we decided to set the focus of the development of the brand, with an empathetic approach. Encouraging clients to see that the very thing they may not feel like doing is the exact thing they should and can be doing. In this case, proactively taking steps to recovery and activation. In doing so, we realigned the perception of the benefits of a life free from injury and pain, plus every aspect that it effects.

“By developing an empathic brand tone, along with activating the brand identity, we engaged the market by increasing the perceived value of the company. We validated with “Change Can Be Hard…” and then pivoted with “But Staying In Pain Can Be Even Harder.” In doing so, we made it next to impossible to miss the motivational drive that Cadence Physio is so well known for.”



We positioned Cadence Physio as the physiotherapist committed to empowering and motivating people to take their health, lifestyle and ultimately, their rehabilitation, into their own hands for the better. We developed the Cadence Physio brand around the company’s warm nature, extensive experience and proactive treatment model, launching a new website that meets people where they currently are in terms of their health and lifetstyle, no matter what stage and circumstance of life they’re in.


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