Bali Indah Photography: An Australian Wedding Photographer Based In Bali.


Bali Indah Photography is an established wedding photographer in Bali. Having been operating for a number of years, it was time to not only update their website, but also invest in web design that would reestablish their branding and online presence through branding and web design strategies that focused on the uniqueness of their service and customer experience in Bali.



We provided extensive branding and web design consultation in order to align and reestablish the positioning of our client, based on foundational branding, web design and UX design principles.
Experiencing A Journey of Trust 

With the target market being Australian brides-to-be, our research showed that some of the main obstacles to overcome when choosing a wedding photographer in Bali were as much about communication, being personable, clear expectations and a good track record, as much as they were about the quality and uniqueness of the photos. 

Rather than focusing on a portfolio based approach to the web design, we created the concept of “Wedding Stories”, a place where users could engage with previous clients and begin a journey of their own towards their special day.